Map Ranking

You Have Been Gnomed

Tribe name:You Have Been Gnomed
Number of members:16
Points of the best 20 players1.869.905
Total points:1.869.905
Average points:116.869
Opponents defeated: 13.205.170 (1.)

When you try an outfit on and it doesn't make you look good,
you just throw it on the floor, like NO, you don't deserve
to be hung up, sit there and think about what you've done.

Is "UGH" an emotion? Because Centuri feels like that all the time, like the days when you kinda wanna just wanna contact him for Hostage Negotiating, but not really.....

By Invitation Only
if we want you we will message you, although if you fancy your chances at the risk of being laughed at by a dysfunctional split personality hooker, message Foxtrot.

Welcome ladies and Gents to the world of Gnelf's and Gnome's may we show you the door on your way out.